Search Engine Optimization often abbreviated as SEO is a major tool of Internet marketing. It is basically electronic & technical in nature and SEO is a technique which helps search engines to find and rank sites higher among the millions of other sites in response to a search query. SEO is important in making your business be felt online and be successful and visible to search engines.


MKB Infotech is the pioneer in the SEO industry. We provide top notch and result yielding services to its clients. Keeping client satisfaction as our main priority, we have grown with our esteemed clients. SEO helps a company by promoting their website to the top results of search engines and thereby increasing business prospect. There are many ways through which SEO helps to increase a ranking or volume and quality traffic of website (of a company). SEO is a multidisciplinary action that actively seeks to generate effective visitors from hunt for engines by related question function with importance and value. SEO is the methods of assisting the top top high quality and a number of web visitors to a web page simply by using a sequence of confirmed SEO methods that help a site accomplish a higher position with hunt for engines when certain look with regard to phrases and terms are devote the look for position.


Link Optimization: Add relevant external inbound links and outbound links to and from other websites. Link Optimization is also a significant factor in Search Engine Optimization. We have learnt from our experience that if websites links are properly optimized that can result into top search engine positioning and placement.

Reporting: There are many types of reports, but for the most part these reports can be segmented into 5 basic groups.

Search Engine Ranking / Positioning Report: Lists all keywords by search engines and their respective ranking. The detailed reports include ranking for root and branch pages.

Search Engine Original Ranking:Reports current ranking compared to ranking prior to the SEO campaign for each keywords. Search Engine Submission Report: Lists the last time submissions were made to each of the search engines. The detailed reports include specific submission information to the directories.

Search Engine Link Report: Lists all new external inbound links from other websites and external outbound links to other websites.

Search Engine Maintenance Report:Journals all activities associated with a SEO campaign.

Maintenance: Analyze results and revise tactics to maintain or improve search engine positioning.

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